Sade and Pigs

DSC_0139I don’t know the when, where, and why, but for some reason Sade as an obsession with pigs.  I think it may have some connection with her affinity for pink, but whatever the case, pigs have become Sade’s world.  In fact, one way to determine just how may pigs you have in your house is to just invite us over.  A few months back we all traveled to Utah to welcome Brady back from Qatar and attend Annabelle’s baptism, and while we were there, Sade found pigs they didn’t even know they had.  Toy pigs, pictures of pigs, books about pigs, some pig ears, and on and on.

Also funny is that if she is unable to locate a pig, she will find some other object that is pink and just call it a pig.  Like the other day, Sade was sitting at the counter and in came one of the kids with Kat’s 3 foot sewing tape measure that happened to be pink, and Sade immediately went berserk, alleging that her brother had stolen her piggy.DSC_0130

So, it will be no surprise – OK, maybe a bit ofa surprise – to find that one of the Christmas gifts that joined our family was a cute little pig, that Sade affectionately named “Grubby”.  Now the pig belongs to Payte and Sade, of course Payte does all the work but Sade certainly claims it, and strangely the pig completely trusts Sade.  I have stories to share on that subject another day, but suffice it to say for our present purposes that we now have a cute little porker sharing the house with us.IMG_4283

Well, the other day during what we stubbornly continue to call nap time but has become anything but nap time, Sade and Reese dragged a chair into the closet and successfully removed some of Tay’s old frilly dresses from the rack.  They managed to get them on, and when Kat called them down from their “nap”, theycame down bedazzling all in their snazzy duds.  Well, Reese came first, and as she descended the steps with grace and grandeur, Kat pronounced, “Reese, you look SOOOO BEAUUUTIFUL!”  As Sade followed shortly behind, checking herself out in the mirror as she came down, and before Kat could say anything she pronounced, “I look so beautiful, too” . . . Now that part wasn’t unexpected nor surprising, but the end is what had us all cracking up, “I look so beautiful . . . . for my PIG”.

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