Prayer Time with Tigue

DSC_0072I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but some of our kids have gone through a phase with their praying that is quite melodramatic, and honestly, super hysterical.  Tay did it, it skipped Payte, Dak, Tagg, and Rook, but Tigue is redefining this particular genre of prayers.  My kids always groan when it is my turn to pray, and they are sure to get pillows under their knees and a blanket to wrap up in just to make sure I am aware they think I pray too long, but if this business keeps up with Tigue, she’ll be giving me  a run for my money in no time.  Her prayers include phrases to Heavenly Father such as, “I know you like to give me beautiful things,”  and, “I know that the Holy Ghost wants to be all of our best friend”.  But the other day, she made a comment in her prayer that may have topped all previous prayers.  She said, “I thank thee for giving us such a special wonderful person to create this beautiful earth for all of us to live in”.  Now, you might ask why she didn’t just say “Jesus”, rather than referring to him as “a special wonderful person”.  But the next phrase clarified why she did not find it necessary to identify Jesus by name, as she then stated to Heavenly Father in a tone only used among two people who really know each other well, “And YOU KNOW who I’M talking about”.   Man that little girl is a piece of work, and I don’t know if it’s proper protocol or not, but I’m going to start recording these prayers, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Tigue bite lip

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