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Welcome to our web experiment.  We’ve thought for a while about putting this site together to chronicle the life and times of the Kat and Reese Reynolds family, and we are finally taking the plunge.  There are several reasons we are doing this, not the least of which is our inability to find the time to effectively maintain any other regular means of communication with the outside world.  There are lots of people out there who we regard as priceless friends, examples, mentors, loved ones, etc., but you’d never know it based on our feeble and infrequent attempts at reaching out.  We sincerely hope that you all know that there is no positive correlation between the frequency of our attempted communications and the depth of feeling and appreciation we have for you.  There are just so many hours in the day, and what precious unclaimed or uncommitted minutes we find are dedicated predominantly to one another, lest we forget each other’s name or face.

Fundamentally, we are a family of faith, friendship, work, fun, and learning.  As the website name indicates, we have 9 amazing little sheep (often in wolves’ clothing).  I am Reese, and as of today – November 23, 2014 – I am 38 years old.  Kat (Kathleen for those of you who don’t shorten names), my precious bride and the heart of this roughshod gang, is five years younger than I.  I’ll quickly itemize the kids, and given the non-conventional names, I’ll include a ‘g’ for girls, and ‘b’ for the boys.  Tay (g) is our oldest at 12 (13 in Nov.), Payte (g) is 11 as of August, Dak (b) turned 9 in August, Tagg (b) will be 8 in February, Rook (b) and Tigue (g) will be 5 in December, the second set of twins Sade(g) and Reese (g) turned 3 this month, and finally, Fife (b) was born in July.

houseWe live in the mountains just southwest of Littleton Colorado.  It’s our little slice of heaven, tucked into a little valley of aspens and pine trees.  From our home there is not another house visible, though our neighbors – some of them over a mile away – assure us that although we may not be able to see them, they are certainly within earshot . . . the kids validate that on a regular basis much to their mother’s dismay.  We have 4 horses (Rooster, Captain Ahab, Lawrence Welk, and Stoney), a dog (Banjo), a cat (Izza), usually at least one snake, and often a dwarf hamster or two trying their luck at staying out of the cat’s way.  We’ve lost that battle more than once so we’re probably out of the hamster business.

Kat is a stay-at-home mother, I work for Lockheed Martin down the road in HR.  We are a fairly active family, we hike, explore, camp, play soccer, baseball, most any sport for that matter.  We are relatively media-averse; we don’t do game consoles or hand-held gaming devices, or TV.  We’re not crazy fundamentalists or anything, but the bar for “child appropriate” just seems to keep dropping, and it’s hard to imagine most anything on TV these days will do our little ones any more good than going outside, chewing on sticks, bathing in mud, scraping up some knees and elbows, and figuring out what makes the great outdoors tick.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not TV haters, we just don’t have the time nor energy to regulate it to the degree that we feel good about, so we take the easy route and just keep it out altogether.  The exception is that on Friday nights they get to watch a DVD on an old tube TV, and Saturday morning is “IPAD” time where they get to use our IPAD’s to play games.

We are active and engaged members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS / Mormon); probably no surprises there.  I mention that because it is an element of our lives that most heavily impacts most of our decisions, and certainly the important ones.

Finally, as I mentioned in my first post, while we didn’t set out to have 9 kids, this is what we have become and we are immeasurably pleased with the hand we’ve been dealt.  Many ask how we do it, and honestly, we just do, like everybody else out there does.  We play our hand to the best of our abilities and anybody else’s abilities we can borrow.  However, they don’t all come at once, thank goodness, and sending them back is not really an option, so with each child you chop off something that once seemed important but no longer is.  By the time you get to 9, pretty much all you have left is your faith, your family and maybe a couple close friends, some form or another for paying the bills, and that’s kind of all you can squeeze in.  And I guess for us, what we’re realizing is that’s really all we need.


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  1. This is the greatest thing ever. Thank you for the history . I admire your ability to set life goals & accomplish them. You are an example for good.

  2. We just received your Christmas card, what a coincidence! Sam and I were talking about the secret Santa that you guys did for us, we miss you guys. We hope to see you soon
    What a blessing!
    Sam, Adam, Annie and Kal

  3. It’s official…I’m hooked! Awesome family blog! Great writing, fabulous pictures, and I’m loving the pig story. I must come meet this little pig. 🙂

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